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Ollie’s Interview with Sheik Conteh, MSF Field Nurse

We were very lucky to be invited to the Young International Festival of Authors in Toronto.

Over 200 children participated in our session! Together, we learned more about “Ollie’s” journey and her campaign to Spread the Peanut Paste Prescription. But the highlight of our session was talking to MSF field nurse, Sheik Conteh, who joined in the session from Uganda.

We are happy to share with you some of the questions the children at the Festival had for Sheik—and his very inspiring answers.

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Ollie’s Fieldwork at Audrey’s Books

All the month of June, the original CRENI Photographer’s photos and CRENI Footprints will be in the window of Audrey’s Books in Edmonton ( Not in Edmonton? Here is a picture of the window display:

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C.R.E.N.I. Photographers

During her trip, Ollie meets many people. And while in Zinder, Niger, Ollie visits two types of hospitals and sees for herself how the children are being helped. One of these hospitals was the Centre de Récupération Nutritionnelle Intensive (CRENI) of Médecins Sans Frontières (Doctors Without Borders). This is where she met some of the brothers and sisters of the children being cared for in one of the hospitals. These are their photos:

Photography Teacher:
Dustin Delfs, Laughing Dog Photography, Edmonton, Canada

Hospital Photographers:
Badi’a Ado (Age 7)
Wassila Bibiya (Age 5)
Sarey Dodo (Age 8)
Imrama Habou (Age 11)
Sahoura Harisson (Age 6)
Shamsiya Karimou (Age 5)
Zaki’a Nahaman (Age 8)
Habi Namen (Age 6)
Hadiza Sid- Mohamed (Age 10)
Nariama Siraji (Age 9)
Badariya Yahouza (Age 9)

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C.R.E.N.I. Footprints

Ollie had the opportunity to meet some of the children being cared for (and getting better!) in one of the hospitals. These are some of their footprints:

The Hospital Feet
Kadri Abdoua (37 months)
Sani Ali (15 months)
Haoulé Amadou (7 months)
Fiddaoussi Aminou (10 months)
Moujahidi Chayabou (14 months)
Elhaji Dala (13 months)
Tanimoune Habou (10 months)
Nana Hadiza Yacouba (6 months)
Aliya Hassane (9 months)
Zahaïdou Ibrahim (16 months)
Jouma Ibrahim (25 months)
Walada Idi (18 months)
Ladji Madou Sani (25 months)
Mariama Mela (14 months)
Ali Sayidou (9 months)
Ousmane Sittou (13 months)

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The C.R.E.N.I. Photographers Sing!

It’s me – Ollie. Let me introduce you to some of the children at the CRENI (nutrition hospital) in Zinder, Niger. I think you can get to know the children a bit through their singing.

I hope you enjoy it. I did.

CRENI Photographers Sing from Plumbheavy on Vimeo.