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Learn More About The Remarkable Maria


The Remarkable Maria takes place in the capital city of Suriname called Paramaribo. Suriname is in the northeast corner of South America and shares borders with Guyana, Brazil, French Guiana – and the North Atlantic Ocean.

Suriname is an amazing and spirited country with a population of about 440,000. It has a richly multicultural population: Hindustani, Creole, Javanese, Maroon, Amerindian, Chinese and European. The food is wonderful! (Especially the roti.)

Suriname is former colony of the Netherlands. Dutch is the official language but other languages are spoken, including English and Sranang Tongo (which is sometimes called Taki Taki).

Suriname is a developing country. Approximately, 70% of the population lives below the poverty line. The poverty line is a complicated measurement of financial well-being. But it can mean that the people under that line do not have the resources to buy all the essential things needed to live a healthy life.


We know HIV/AIDS is a very large problem in the developing world. The number of children impacted by HIV/AIDS is enormous. To date, 14 million children around the world have been orphaned. That is 45% of the population of Canada. Imagine that!

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Introducing the Remarkable Maria

The Remarkable Maria is the story of a young girl who lives Paramaribo, Suriname – an amazing and spirited country in South America.

The story is told through Maria’s eyes – and recalls her carefree dream of singing and dancing on her favourite television program, Babbel Box. Her story also recalls a time in her young life when there were many sad changes and she had to learn to face problems she didn’t fully understand.

Maria introduces us to the wonderful characters that surround her: her little sister Willie, who she must parent while their mother is dying, Mrs. MacKenzie, their concerned neighbour who always has an eye out for them – and Mrs. De Groot, the caregiver at the orphanage, who has a house full of children but enough love in her heart for two more. Plus their dog.

Maria is a hero of our times. This is her story.